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Introduction to me & my world.

Hi My name is Shurane and I am the founder, owner and CEO of Fetish4Shoes.

From the time I was a teenager I have always had a special love for footwear. "High Heels to be specific". It was something about the way a woman appeared to hold up time and attention in stilettos that seemed absolutely captivating to me. It was because of this, that at a very young age I understood that my attraction to shoes went much further than just "the physical look". For me I have always possessed an understanding that shoes have the potential to be a direct gaze into the soul of the person wearing them!! An actual reflection of that person's character....a key to who they are and what kind of mood dominated their personality on that particular day.
It was always intriguing to me how the right pair of shoes had the potential to completely change your appearance and accentuate your posture in a way that delivered you to the world in a " without a doubt I have arrived" type of presence! 

I have a personal connection to that feeling, and  the way that feeling  affects others.

That connection  & love that I speak of , Is exactly what encouraged me to birth my company and that is how Fetish4Shoes was born !!!

Wearing shoes is not an option .....but the "type of shoe" you choose to wear is! 

“Pairing flattering accessories Is a choice”....... but to me... it never was!

For me "beautiful shoes" and “stunning accessories” are essential.... "a fetish if you will"... and I want to share my Fetish4Shoes with you!

So please come in, look around, fall in love, find your passion, shop with me  and

Welcome....... to my website.....FETISH4SHOES !